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Heart Check

Jesus mentions a parable that concerns 4 different types of ground (Soil) this is representation of the different kinds people and the condition of their heart in response to the Word of God. The Word was undoubtedly down the same way to all four, but because of the differences in the condition of these people the response was ultimately not the same amongst them. There are many different kinds of people that walks through church doors week in and week out; but all can be summed up into four different categories. If there were more than Jesus probably would have made mention about them. 3 of them ultimately couldn't respond to the word and one could when it all boils down to it.

I ask this one simple question to all who read this: which one are you?

Look over your life and what you have done with the word that you have heard and been given. What have you done with it?

  • Was it snatched away from the devil like the wayside heart?

  • Did trials and tribulations take your joy And the word that you received and were responding too because you were not rooted and ground in Jesus?

  • Do worries and cares of this life like fame and money choke out the word that was in you like the heart of thorns?

  • Or are you the good ground that heard and brought forth much fruit?

Evaluate yourself and do a heart check. If you haven't been the good ground! Then Repent and be the good ground! If you still have breath in your body then it's not to late!

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